Draw Inspections

When Draw Inspections Are Necessary

In a perfect world, the lender, builder, borrower and inspector would be working off the same document with the same expectations. The reality, however, is this doesn’t always happen. We’re here to bridge the communication gap.

In this world, even expert construction lenders need a way to manage their risks during building projects. That’s why banks regard draw inspection reports as a required part of managing construction loans. You need to be certain that your builders are using your funding to increase the building’s collateral value to you. Draw inspections also help protect your investment because they can alert you to any problems early-on.

What You Can Expect From Our Draw Inspections

Here at Nationwide Loan Inspections, you can rely on our inspectors to serve as your ears and eyes at your borrower’s job-site. Your builders want funds disbursed; however, we understand that you need to protect your equity by making sure that they have met their obligations first.

Here’s what you can expect from our draw inspections:

  • Quality Control Process
  • Detailed reports including descriptions and photos
  • Swift electronic delivery

Why Rely on Nationwide for Draw Inspections?

At Nationwide, we dedicate all of our resources to the construction loan business. You can take advantage of our expert inspectors, digital technology for reports and account maintenance, and commitment to customer service. If you’re interested in better reports, access to your own dedicated account manager, and faster turnarounds, contact us today to set up an account.

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